This is a letter I receive from Kemon Sales:



We will allow participants to buy the Hair Manya products listed below at a 25% discount. Please be sure that they specify that they are with the Nic Awards program and make sure they know to use Item numbers when ordering.

640255 – Deam fix
640251- Adrenaline
640260 – Kaos gel
640254 – Diamond Shine Spray
640257 – Freestyle “fibrous texture goo”
640256 – Fizzy

Please have them call Jane at 800-362-6245 ext 2979. If they do not already they will need to set up an account with us to process the sale. They will then be given the name of the distributor they can call for future Hair Manya orders.

We would request that any photos taken at the awards show be forwarded to us for use on our website and or magazine publication.

Randy Riggle

VP of Kemon Sales

tng worldwide the beauty experts

c: 616.970.5124

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